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Benefits of Neem

The neem tree is native to the subtropics of Asia. It is one of the most important plants of the ancient Ayurvedic healthcare System. The flower,leaves,stem,and bark of the tree are known for its medicinal properties. This versatile plant has nearly 140 biological compounds that heal every system in the body. Given this,it should come as no surprise that this plant is called a "wonder plant."

The wondrous qualities of the neem plant have been chronicled by Sages for 1,000's and 1,000's of years. They engraved their writings in leaves known as Olaichuadi. It is still preserved in the center for traditional medicine and library.Great notable stages,Agathiyar,Thiru Moolar,and Tholkapiyer have archived neem’s phenomenal properties in regards to it's value to human life and disease prevention.

The neem tree has been announced as the tree of the 21st century by UN, for all of it's properties listed below

  • Antioxidant

  • Anticancer

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Wound healing

  • Hepato protective

  • Anti diabetic

  • Anti fungal

  • Anti viral,

  • Neuroprotective and immune modulator.

Moreover,the neem plant has been important to Indian culture, traditions, and food for many generations. Specifically, in Tamil culture, it is almost a way of life ingrained in day-to-day habits. For instance, during Tamil New Year celebrations, neem pesto is made with neem leaves and soup with neem flowers.It is a must that everyone takes neem in some form on that special day.

To expand furthermore on the specific uses of different parts of the neem tree, we shall consider how the various parts are used both externally and internally. In terms of external application,the neem leaves are soaked in water overnight and the water is used for bathing. Neem Leaf in bunches are kept around our surroundings to keep the microbes and pathogens off. Just the air from the neem tree is medicinal.

5-8 leaves can be chewed on an empty stomach.If leaves are not available, a quarter of a spoon of neem powder can be taken with warm water for 48 day cycle to reap maximum benefits. As a word of caution,pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid neem in any form. Children under the age of two should not be given neem.

Since neem reduces the Blood glucose and blood pressure, Diabetics, Hypertensives should adjust the dosage of the medication according to the practitioners advice.

Finally,can these immune-boosting herbs help us fight against viruses? Let's have an overview of what's happening in the host's body who has retracted the virus. There is a 2 to 4 weeks incubation period after the virus has entered a host. During this period,a cytokine storm is produced as a response to the virus by the host's immune system. These cytokine chemicals could either be Pro or anti inflammatory.

If our immune system is not robust, the virus will take the upper hand, replicate rapidly,spread and injure the internal organs causing fatal outcomes. On the other hand, one who is taking neem which is a rich source of antioxidants,anti-inflammatory and immune modulation could boost one’s immune system and halt this cytokine storm,leading us to fight the virus.


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