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Tulsi - immune booster

Tulsi is the “queen of all herbs”,also known as “holy basil”, and the “elixir of life”. It is an integral part of religious ceremonies because of its supreme status. For example, it is worshipped in Ekadashi and is used in vritta (prayer/pooja) for one's own spiritual upliftment; this is why it is also called Krishna Jeevini. Additionally, it plays a significant role in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Properties of Tulsi :

● It is antiseptic; hence, it is helpful in treating bug bites, severe itching, and removing


● It protects the liver from environmental toxins and it detoxes our systems

● The active compound, eugenol, in tulsi treats and reduces the likelihood of experiencing colds, coughs, sore throats, and sinusitis. It also regulates and controls blood pressure

● It kills intestinal parasites (as a natural antibiotic); therefore, it is helpful with vomiting, gastric disorders, and menstrual cramps

● It is an adaptogen - it triggers the production of hormones and alters the body's response to stress, ensuring that the entire body functions optimally, starting with brain immune function. Ergo, it can be used in treating thyroid disorders, anxiety, depression, and in managing stress

● It is immuno-modulatory, antioxidant-rich, and anti-inflammatory

Starting from the oral cavity to the anus, our bodies are lined with mucosal cells. When these

mucosal cells are healthy, they can make us lead happy, healthy lives. . Furthermore, when mucosal cells are healthy, our bodies produce antibodies that work against specific pathogens that in turn help us fight them.this is called as mucosal immunity.

When tulsi is consumed regularly, it can enhance our immune systems. And when optimum

levels of antibodies are produced against microbes, these microbes are deactivated and

excreted through our digestive tracts.

On the other hand, when our immune cells are not resilient and are instead compromised, optimum levels of antibodies are absent to fight against viruses, such as the current coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Only in these situations, the viruses enter our cells, multiply, and spread to different organs of the body, leading to fatal outcomes.

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