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Amazing benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has been used for ages for its healing, digestive, and medicinal properties. It is a rhizome (a group of plants that grows underground, and we use the roots of it), similar to ginger. It plays a significant part in Indian cusine and also in traditional Indian Medicine.

Turmeric is oftentimes referred to as the golden spice – the new superfood of the western world. It has become extremely popular, given its versatility of internal and external use. Another example for a use of this spice is kasturi manjal, a mix of turmeric with coconut oil. This mix can be used externally to treat scars, burns, and wounds. Furthermore, turmeric can help with blood purification and it can help in treating many different skin conditions.

For instance, a paste made with turmeric, besan (chickpea) flour, and yogurt can reduce acne. Additionally, turmeric mixed with sandalwood reduces body heat, especially in the summer when temperatures are high.

Some other uses for it include serving as a deodorant, moisturizer, and a natural method of removing unwanted hair.

Another property of turmeric is that it acts as a probiotic and an antibiotic – it kills bad bacteria in the system and increases good bacteria in our microbiome. In fact, two decades ago, Indian individuals had lower levels of colon cancer compared to people in other parts of the world because Indian cooking utilizes turmeric in almost every dish. Therefore, turmeric is truly embedded into India’s lifestyle.

More in regards to the medicinal properties of turmeric, this spice can be used with black pepper for digestive disorders, and it can be used with long pepper for liver disorders by reducing the burden of the liver and healing it. A note on black pepper and long pepper: the reason that turmeric is mixed with these is because turmeric is not easily digested and assimilated by our systems. However, when turmeric is mixed with these spices, they complement each other and aid in the process of digestion.

Turmeric can also be used to prevent urinary tract infections in women by applying turmeric and coconut oil. Lastly, turmeric is a neuroprotector – it plays a crucial role in treating Alzheimer’s disease, it lessens anxiety levels, it increases the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), and it removes plaque buildup in the brain.

It’s important to add that one of the active compounds of turmeric is curcumin , a fat soluble . This means that it must be consumed with ghee (clarified butter) or some other type of fat – with black pepper.

In all, turmeric has a plethora of uses, and it’s almost considered a magical spice by some. One interesting story is that my mother used to apply a turmeric paste to her face, hands, and legs while growing up, and now she doesn’t experience body hair growth. Interesting, huh? This is something you could try at home if you’re looking for a natural way to prevent body hair growth/use it to remove body hair!

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