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Ragi is rich in iron hence prevents iron deficiency anemia in women and in young growing children. It is loaded with calcium and potassium leaving you with strong teeth,bones and joints ; controls blood pressure.

Ragi is packed with fiber, keeps you satiated and is a super food in weight management; balances blood sugar levels.

HOW TO USE MILLETS SAFELY Millets have anti-nutrients like oxalates and phytates:soaking, fermenting, sprouting and dry roasting decodes the anti nutrients and enhances digestion and absorption.

HOW TO MAKE WEANING FOOD AT HOME Ragi sattu mavu kanchi is the best weaning food.


Soak NACHNI for 12 hrs, hang it in wet cotton cloth for 12 hrs to sprout it, dry it under sun, dry roast it and then mill grind it, sieve it and it is good to store this for 3 to 6 months.


1. Does nachni cause constipation ? Yes it is heat causing and few people experience constipation.

Solution: Way of cooking makes a huge difference. a) Always have any fiber rich keerai (ragi moringa adai)as an accompaniment with ragi meal.

b) Add 1 to 2 tsp of ghee with the meal. c) In summers have it as fermented ambili / koozl form with buttermilk and pearl onion / chinna


d) Take it either for breakfast or lunch.

2. Is ragi advised to people with hypothyroidism ? When ragi is prepared and cooked with all the guidelines I have mentioned above, ragi will not be

goitrogenic. So the simple answer is yes, people with hypothyroidism can take finger millet.

Start slow, listen to your body.

3. Can people with diabetes have Ragi? a) Avoid in kanji form, prefer in semi solid or solid form . b) Fermented ragi drink can be had

c) Ragi mudde is a great meal for diabetics (watch the below recipe from my channel)

4. Can we mix different variety of millets ? I do not recommend mixing millet with another variety millet, but mixing it with rice and pulses is

absolutely okay.

5. Recipes to include ragi

  • Fermented ragi ambili: During hot summer days

  • Ragi adai with moringa keerai

  • Ragi mudde with ghee and jaggery

  • Ragi malt

  • Ragi idlis and dosa

  • Ragi idiyappam

  • Ragi puttu

  • Ragi appam / kozhukattai.

Creativity is endless, so start exploring millets and enjoy its benefits. 6. Is there anyone who needs to be cautious ? a) People with IBD (celiac disease, crohn's) should seek professional guidance before implementing change.
b) People with serious skin issues like psoriasis.
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