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All about fats

Krishna is fond of Makhan, doodh / milk, yogurt / curd and ghee. {MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS}, why is there so much emphasis on these foods?

There could be different explanations and philosophical aspects behind this ,but here is my perspective as a Health expert.

Krishna enjoyed it not just because he liked it: he wanted to convey to us the message and importance of these NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS in our diet and its impact in Health and wellness.

So please feed our kutti Krishnas and Radhes at home with these SUPER FOODS from our ANCESTRAL WISDOM.


1.GOOD FATS serve as an insulation for us during cold winter days.

2.Helps in absorption of vitamins like Vit A, Vit D, Vit E and Vit K..

3.Its a precursor for many of our hormones.


💝DHEA from the adrenals is the mother of hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

💝pregnenolone is the grand mother of the hormones .

💝 Cholesterol is the raw material for this pregnenolone.


1. Keeps you agile / less fatigue

2. Anti inflammatory: reduces pain,enhances immunity and reduces infections

3. Memory enhancer

4. Helps you to cope up with stress.

5. Leaves you satiated.


1.Quantity of fat intake should be proportionate to one's digestive capacity ( remember all these VRATS also included fasting before feasting)

2.Must avoid refined hydrogenated oils/ Refined oils and trans fats.

After all, the whole experience of eating /feasting is an attitude of seeking pleasure.

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