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Meet Pavithra Malli

Your Health starts here

Health Consultant

I believe that a strong mind in a healthy body is the foundation of the quality of our life. I help my clients uncover what's been stopping them or slowing them down from having vibrant health.


We specialize in

  • Diet plans and life style modifications

  • Develop and support and customize meal plans addressing individualized dietary needs

  • Provide personalized nutrition plans

  • Develop health goals and action plans for your unique health condition

  • Supplement Referral

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Health & Wellness?

It can help with

Fatigue & Exhaustion

There are whole slew of reasons why you might constantly feel tired, muscle pain, poor concentration loss or memory, chills, night sweats


Aging is a normal process that no one can avoid entirely while its great to introduce lifestyle and dietary changes to support natural aging.


A body cleanse involves cutting out junk foods and increasing your intake of nutritious whole foods and powerful detox foods.It boosts energy, restore motivation and hel you feel your best

Women's Health

We support with meal plan development, addressing individualized dietary requirements for weight loss and hormonal imbalances

Weight Loss

We address the issues that is causing weight gain like thyroid imbalance, leaky gut syndrome, auto-immune disease, hormonal and adrenal issues, cellular toxicity, candida over-growth


Anxiety can be disabling condition that is accompanied by long-term stress and a decline in overall health. We help with introducing well balanced diet to destress